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Candidate Services

It seems there always comes a time in one's career where a decision about your future needs to be made. Maybe it's forced. Maybe it's your choice. Maybe it's to relocate closer to family... or to a bigger city... or to a smaller town. Maybe it's an opportunity that you had no idea existed, but is too good to pass up. When you come to this crossroad, a great recruiter can not only help you choose the right path, but also help you identify where those paths begin. 

Altius Search Group can help you confidentially assess your career situation and market value while keeping you abreast of those hidden job opportunities. Our service fee is paid by our client companies for finding specifically experienced individuals interested in joining their team. The only investment from you to be on our radar is a phone call and a few minutes of your time! Whether it's tomorrow, next month, or next year, you never know when your dream job will surface. Even if you are currently happy and fulfilled in your existing role, with the rate of acquisitions, divestitures, office relocations and company consolidations in the industry it is always a good idea to be close to the opportunity-market. We are here to confidentially assist you with any career situation that arises.

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